We are an inclusive store, Everyone is welcome, No one is excluded.


Where is the store located?

Our street address is 6024 Main Street Mays Landing, NJ 08330. Our store front is located on Main Street in the historic part of Mays Landing. It's a red and tan building, the entrance is in the front. You may park out front on Main Street, where there are parking signs. Also behind our building is a parking lot and there is also parking on the side street, Hanthorn street.


Do I have to make an appointment?

Walk ins are welcome, to provide outstanding personal service and not having to wait, we suggest having an appointment.

Merchandise is not exchangeable if there are any issues, if you have not had a fitting with us first.  

What are the store hours of operation?

Currently-Tuesday-10-4, Wednesday 10-6, Friday-10-4, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 10-4

**New hours as of January 4th, Monday-10-4, Tuesday 10-4, Wednesday-10-4, Thursday 10-4, Friday 10-6, Saturday 10-6, Sunday 12-4**

Have a special time concern? Just let us know, we will do our best to accommodate an appointment.


How much does a bra fitting cost?

Fittings are a $15 deposit, which will be refunded with your purchase.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit and debit cards.

Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Can I bring my child to my appointment?

We suggest not bringing children to fitting appointments. We encourage a relaxing experience that enables you to enjoy the time you have given yourself. We also understand women are busy moms who do what they have to do!

Is the bra fitter going to see and or touch my breasts?

We do not touch your breasts. If we need the breast tissue to be moved and adjusted we will teach you how to do so. We do not need to see your exposed breast.

During the fitting, you will be asked to face away from the fitter and to remove your shirt and bra. We will stand behind you and hand you bras to put on.  You will put the straps on your shoulders, your breast into the cups. Than the fitter will hook the back and adjust the straps. We will ask you to adjust your breast correctly into the cups, make sure the band is in the correct spot on your back and than your straps are properly adjusted. Than we will see how the bra is fitting and how you feel in the bra.  From there, we will repeat this process until we get a near perfect fit.

If you are modest and uncomfortable we have robes in the room you may use, when you are waiting for us to bring more merchandise into the fitting room. 


It is highly recommend that you own 3-4 good fitting bras, that you can rotate throughout the week to make your bras last their full lifetime of 6 months to 1 year.  Wearing the same bra every day and not taking proper care of your bras can SIGNIFICANTLY shorten their useful lifespan.

If you are physically able to, it is best to place the straps on your shoulders and to lean forward to help your breast tissue fall into the cups.

Hook your new bra on the loosest setting for a snug but not too tight of a fit.

Make sure the bra is directly underneath of your breast tissue, not on your belly.

Than scoop and swoop your breast tissue up and forward from the sides like we did during your fitting.

If you can not hook your bra this way, it is better to spin your bra than it is to hook it and pull it over your head.

If you have to spin your bra to put it on talc free powder or corn starch is recommended to reduce friction and possibility of ruining the bra. Don’t forget after you get the bra on, to make sure your band is low enough in the back and not riding up by your shoulder blades.

As your bra starts to stretch our from wear than you will tighten your straps and hook your bra on the next tightest setting.  When your bra can not be made any tighter than it's time for a new one.


Putting On Your Bra

Care Instructions

Bras should be hand washed in luke warm water with a delicate detergent.  We recommend Eucalan. If washing in a washing machine ONLY wash on the delicate cycle with your bras in a lingerie bag to decrease any damage being done by the machine. This option is NEVER recommended for bras with a foam cup.


Do not wring dry foam cups, you can press the water out of the cups with a towel.  Hang to dry by the center of the bra where there is no stretch or lay flat to dry. NEVER PUT YOUR BRAS IN THE DRYER! The dryer will permanently damage the elastic, could bend the underwire and stretch out and/or tear the lace.  It is best to NEVER put ANY delicates in the dryer.


It is best to keep your bras in a drawer when you aren't wearing them, sitting up right, behind one another fitting the cups together. Or you may hang them like you see them in the store by both straps.

Do not bend your bras, do not twist them at the center, do not fold the foam cups inside out because that will damage the cups.

How long does it take?

All fittings are different given the circumstances. A bra fitting can take between 15 minutes and 1 hour. The same goes for lingerie and bridal fittings. The average fitting is 30 minutes start to finish. One more fantastic benefit of making an appointment.


What sizes do we carry?

We currently carry bra sizes from 28A-46O in store. We can special order other sizes or styles if needed.  Lingerie starts at XS and goes to 3X.  4X and 5X are also available in some styles.


What brands do we stock?

We take our time twice a year to go to NYC and scout new brands to fit your needs. We are proud to carry these brands in store: Montelle, Curvy Couture, Parfait, Undie Couture/Joy Bra, Icollection, Playful Promises,  Glamory, Rago, Fashion Forms, Elomi, Goddess, Freya, Fantasie and Wacoal.


Can I reorder online?

We are not selling online currently.  If you have shopped with us before we can take a payment over the phone and ship any item to you. Call or email us for more info.


How much do our bras cost?

The average investment cost for a bra is $65. We suggest at least 3 new bras at your first visit so you may rotate use and get your money's worth!

Returns & Exchanges


An item may be exchanged within 7 days of purchase date. Only if there is a fit issue or a defect. We do not accept exchanges because "You decided you didn't like or want it anymore"  The receipt must be present and tags must be attached to garment. If item is unavailable by either store or manufacturer client will receive a store credit only. NO REFUNDS!

By law, intimate garments containing a crotch cannot be returned or exchanged once they have been worn or tried on. For this reason, Panties, Thongs, Underwear etc., are all FINAL SALE. We suggest you do not wear perfume or deodorant when trying on your purchase.


To avoid returns please make an appointment for a fitting at our store with a qualified fitter prior to any online purchase decision or if you are not local you may email Juliasbraboudoir@gmail.com with any questions.



Damaged Items  


 The manufacture should replace the defective item at no cost if the bra was properly cared for like instructed and the damage was not caused by improper care. If the item is damaged from you not caring for the item properly than no returns or exchanges are possible.

Your Bra doesn't Fit Like You Expected

Exchanges are accepted within 7 days of purchase only if you have had a bra fitting at our boutique.  If not, no returns or exchanged are accepted. No items are accepted that are odorous or stained.


 Do we accomodate post mastectomy?

We do not have products that are made specifically for post mastectomy but we do have wirefree bras and bralettes that can be worn with or without a breast form. We can also sew a pockets into any bra to hold your breast forms.

Your bra may feel a little tight at first because it is new fresh material that needs to be worn and broken in a little bit before it shapes to your body, like shoes for example.

If you have been put into a smaller band it is because of what size your rib cage measures. It  may feel a bit tight at first but that is something you will get used to especially when the elastic starts to stretch from wearing it and body heat.

It may take up to two weeks to break in, depending on how much you wear it and how sensitive your body tends to react to things.


The bra you purchased was fit to you and is the one best for your body type and for giving your breast the optimal support that they need. If the band is looser than the size that you need than, the bra will not be able to support your breast, it will cause the bra to shift while you are wearing it and could even cause your breast to fall out of the bottom of the cup.


You may find that when you take off your bra that you have red marks or slight indents in your skin, this is completely normal and is the same as the marks your socks, pants or other garments containing elastic will leave on your body.

Getting used to your new bra