Jill's Wish Rock What You Got Tanks & T-shirts

Jill's Wish was founded by Jill and her incredible husband, Bart Conley, after Jill's cancer journey left them scrambling to make ends meet. The mission of Jill's Wish is to provide assistance to those with breast cancer so they don't have to worry like Bart and Jill did, and instead, focus their time and energy on family, friends, treatment and recovery. 


The foundation, in addition to awarding grants throughout the year, continues to spread Jill's legacy and unflappable zeal, reminding people all over the globe, whether or not they have cancer, to Rock What You Got.


Our goal is to make a difference, one person at a time. With supporters as far as Melbourne, Australia and as local as suburban Louisville, it appears Jill has gotten her own wish: to touch the life and heart of someone out there who may be struggling as she did.

Jill Conley was a 31-year old newlywed when she was diagnosed with stage IIIB breast cancer. She immediately began an aggressive and grueling treatment plan and double mastectomy. Her hallmark vivacity and sharp wit carried her through, energizing and motivating everyone in her path. Even as she was left with scars instead of breasts, she continued to spread joy and positivity to everyone around her.


It is that spirt and light which captivated those who saw "The Light that Shines" documentary capturing her photo shoot in Paris with acclaimed portrait photographer, Sue Bryce. And then, her story went viral.


While living with stage IV breast cancer, Jill's wish was to spread her message of confidence and hope and use her spotlight to give back to women like herself and shine grace upon them. Sadly, Jill passed away from the disease in early February, 2016. She was 38.

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