Lingerie Parties


Hey Jersey girl! Is the winter bringing you down? Is the lack of sun and surf making you depressed? Do you feel trapped in having no where to escape because all of your favorite places are closed until summer? If you live near the shore like us you know the tumbleweed struggle is real here. Try something different with a friend or a group and hostess a lingerie party!

I know what you're thinking. Parade around half naked in front of other women to be judged? That does not sound like a party. And if it does, well that's awesome rock on lady! The whole objective of our lingerie party is to teach you how to pick the lingerie you love and feel confident wearing based on your own style and taste. Only show off if you want to!


The party will start with a light bite and champagne mimosa toast to the hostess thanking her for putting together the event. We will then share our secrets of success with you as a group consultation answering any questions you may have about fit along the way. We will show you how to choose the right size bra in size ranges you have most likely never seen before, how to choose shape wear that doesn't strangle the life out of you, how to wear a corset or waist cincher and what the difference is between them, how to pick styles best for your body type and much more.

Then the real fun begins we will have you choose 3 looks and we will choose 3 for you as well. You will then get to try the items on with or without our assistance in a private dressing room. Take pics, have fun, laugh with your girls, sip, shop, treat yourself, giggle.  Feel free, feel pretty, feel confident.


Our lingerie parties are suitable for 2-8 in our boudoir OR as many as you'd like in yours.  Choose from the packages below to best suit the lingerie needs of you and your guests. Each party package has different inclusions. Great for couples, mother & daughter, BFF's, sisters, bridal parties, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, ladies nights, boudoir photography and more. We have a lounge with water cooler, mini fridge stocked with champagne, wine, soda and other goodies. We provide stem ware and cutlery in our lounge. 

Call us at (609) 849-9118 for any questions or to pay by phone.