Why are some bras so expensive?

Do you know what you're spending your money on? The biggest complaint about bras aside from comfort is price. Why the hell are some bras so expensive any way? Are you getting what you paid for? There's only one way to find out. You got it, check the tag! Fabric and wire are the 2 most expensive parts of a basic bra. Check this out. This bra is $14.99 in a low end department store. It's very pretty but what's up with that price point? I'm not saying everyone needs a $60 bra I'm just saying know the worth of your dollar spent.

This bra has 60% polyester and 30% polyamide which are synthetic fabrics in a lot of undergarments. There's also an itty bitty 10% of elastane. Guess what that is? That's the stuff that when stretched always reverts to its normal form. If there's only 10% you can bet you will not get great shape or long lasting form out of that bra. Now flip over the tag of a higher priced piece and see the amounts of the good stuff go up hence better hold and lift and longer lasting fabric. Don't get me wrong if your cup is too small no fabric in the world will hold the weight without buckling and pushing wires out from their casings. So what's my point? Well you can buy that $14.99 bra 4 times a year or one bra for $60. It really depends on your budget and needs. If you'd rather go for the better bra please take care of it and don't kill it by wearing it every day.

If you find no matter what you spend you are uncomfortable it may be time for a professional fitting. And be aware a lot of so called fitters are doing it wrong!


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