Mistakes you don't want to make when choosing your Valentine's Day intimates.

Valentine's day is a week away and lingerie stores everywhere are bustling with women eager to please their partners with some new eye candy. To some this sounds fun and adventurous but to most women it sounds like another miserable trip to the dressing room. If that's you keep reading.

We want to make this Valentine's shopping trip a little easier by providing you with a list of mistakes you don't want to make when choosing your sexy Valentine's Day intimates.

Top Mistakes:

  • Not following the size chart

  • Wearing too much red

  • Not layering non supportive pieces

  • Not practicing attaching your garter belt

  • Wearing a style that makes you feel uncomfortable

  • Choosing a size too small instead of what fits

Not following the size chart

Thigh high stockings are one of our biggest sellers during the holidays. Most come in "one size" or "one size queen" with an explanation of size only using body weight but not the size of the actual thigh. This is a problem for tall women or women with larger thighs. We love brands like Glamory Hosiery that have a size chart based on the actual circumference and measurement of your thigh from sizes Medium-4XL. We can measure your thigh and follow the chart on the package to determine the best fit. They also use 5 inches of lace rather than 3 to give more coverage and prevent bunching. 2 rows of silicone make sure they stay up if you choose to go without a garter belt.

Wearing too much red

If red is not your color for whatever reason no problem. Try pinks, purples, or go with the timeless look of black. Guys that love red may want to see you in it but any color you choose will please him because he knows what's underneath and that's his true goal. Use bold colors as accents!

Not layering non supportive pieces

Most lingerie pieces don't have much support in the bust area for women over a D cup. We suggest layering your intimates the same you would your clothes. This chemise is lace and has no support so we added our favorite push up bra in black underneath to give a pop of color and cleavage. Added bonus is having more to strip off!

Not practicing attaching garter belt to thigh high stockings

Garter belts and thigh highs remain one of the preferred looks by men because they really don't get to see it much outside of magazines and movies. They look harmless enough to figure out but let me assure you these little buggers can ruin your whole night. Practice putting them on before the big night so you don't sweat your make up off trying to get them on for sexy time. Watch our YouTube video on how to attach them like a pro.

Watch YouTube Video by clicking here!

Wearing a style that makes you FEEL uncomfortable

You see these slinky looks online and TV but you know you will hate how you look and FEEL wearing it but you do it anyway because you think that's your only option.

If you are a sporty gal, go for a sporty look and wear booty shorts and a tank. Hate your mid section? Cover it! Love your legs? Show them off? Cover what makes you sad and display what you actually like or love about yourself. How you feel in what wear will have a huge impact on the whole night. You should be thinking about your partner not how you look. Just because you saw it on TV does not mean that's what your partner wants to see. They want to see you happy, confident, free and sexy.

Choosing a size too small instead of what fits

I wear a size 5 in regular clothes and a XL or sometimes 1X in lingerie because of my breasts. Crazy right?! I learned a long time ago to NEVER pick up a piece of lingerie, clothes, or even shoes these days based on the size on the tag. You have to try things on. There are too many brands across the globe to follow a tag. Follow your body. If the garment looks to small, it is too small. And that will look unflattering in the mirror. Embrace yourself as you are and buy the size that makes you FEEL amazing!

We hope you found this helpful, if so please share!

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