5 reasons your new bra didn't last

You just bought a new bra at your favorite lingerie store 2 months ago and the wires are popping out already. You are upset because the bra was more expensive than usual and so you thought it would last longer. The fact is bras are delicate garments made piece by piece and sewn together by a person, not a machine. Therefore, the price tag has everything to do with the types of materials used, fabric, style, popularity of the brand, size etc...NOT how long the shelf life is. The shelf life of your new bra depends on what you do AFTER you purchased the bra.

Here are 5 reasons your new bra didn't last:

  1. How you washed it

  2. How you dried it

  3. You did not rotate it

  4. You did not store it properly

  5. The size was not correct

How you washed it

Bras are delicate yet have a core structure that gives you lift and hold. When you put your bra in the washer it is agitated too much, even on the gentle cycle. This hard agitation from your washing machine breaks down and bends the foundation of the bra causing bent wires and mangled fabric that can give the wrong shape to your breast. If you absolutely refuse to hand wash like me, then at the very least use a lingerie bag for the washer and DO NOT put the bag in with heavy clothes like jeans or towels. We like the bags with zippers as they don't get caught in the washer. They are also great for hosiery and keeping sock matches in one place! We bundle our Fashion Forms lingerie laundry bags with Eucalan wash for the perfect combo. The bags come in different sizes too which is great because some bras are much bigger than others. Use a lingerie laundry bag for best results.

How you dried it

When you empty the lint box from your dryer you are basically removing the fibers of your clothing left behind after the extreme heat drying process. The dryer is the ultimate bra killer. The heat dries out and eats away the delicate fabrics used in bras and bends the shape of them into a twisted knot, murdering the shape it once had. The best way to keep a bra longer is to air dry it. The biggest mistake made here is drying by hanging from the straps. Bra straps are elastic and stretch. When you hang a heavy, wet bra from the straps to dry, you have now stretched your straps. hang your bra from the center bridge for best results.

You did not rotate it

I know a new bra that fits is the best feeling ever and we can't help but want to wear the same one every day but this is a life killer. Think about it, you wear it almost all day and it's carrying the weight of your breasts and moving with your body all day. Your bra is exhausted at the end of the day as well! Try and wear a different bra every day. Rotate them as often as possible for better results.

You did not store it properly

If you are bending your bras inside of each other to fit them in your drawer you may be bending the wires and shape of the bra. This stresses out the wires. Lay your bras flat in your drawer and stack them one on top of the other for best results. (Hanging Secrets is a newly patented product that stores yours bras nicely and one of the few Latino ladies to get a US patent, woohoo!)

The size was not correct

75% of women are still wearing the wrong size bra. If the bra cup is too small and the breast tissue is pushing it down, popping out of the top or bulging out the sides, it is actually stressing out the underwires so bad they have no choice but to poke out of their housing and into your body. Mall stores and department stores mostly only carry up to a DD so woman don't have the choices. We are a specialty bra store and that means we have many other sizes to offer. Try a G or H cup if you find DD is too small! The best thing you can do is get fitted by a pro, maybe even us. Click here for a fitting from our team.

A new bra in the correct size can and will last over a year if taken care of. When you have worn it on its tightest setting and it's just not doing its job anymore, it's time for a new one! If you found this helpful please share, thank you!

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