Grit and Lingerie

I asked a friend that has a budding photography business to take some new photos of me. I wanted the images to capture the real me. I'd say they nailed it!

Photos by Glam Girl Studio

Figuring out the needs of my clients, staff, and business has been that crazy 3-5 year challenge people warn you of when you are starting a new business. After 4 years in the fitting room and hundreds of women I have yet to meet one who loves herself in the mirror. Young, old, petite, tall, thin, or full, most women do not love themselves in their skin. It still takes me back when I see that uncomfortable feeling that comes across a new clients face as we enter the fitting room.

I am trying to change this. I love bra fittings but the lingerie fittings are my favorite. I get to play dress up with my girls. I don't see your stretch marks, moles, hair, fupas, body fat, and all the other things we hate about our bodies. I see YOU! I see a beautiful human being looking to fill a void. I've got this!

I am the captain of my own 20 foot fishing boat and when I am not working behind the scenes on the company or taking care of my 3 kids you can find me on the boat cursing just like a sailor.

What the heck does that have to do with grit?

Owning a boat teaches one a lot about grit. There is no time for overthinking, planning, or whining. The water is your master.

It takes grit to wear lingerie. Period.

I challenge you all to step out of your comfort zone and join the other women friends I have made who now freely enjoy their bodies, womanhood, and sexuality simply by dressing up.

This is that judgement free zone we have been asking for!

Make an appointment today by clicking here!

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