What is this boning in the wing of my bra?

Swoop and scoop method when putting your bra on and boning in the wings of your bra. What they have in common and why they’re so important.

Charnos Super Fit Everyday Bra

Swoop and scoop is the method of getting all of your breast tissue into your bra cup when putting on your bra. Your breasts will naturally gravitate down and to the sides so this method insures a proper fit. First, you will put the bra straps on your shoulders, learn slightly forward and hook the band of your bra. You will make sure you are not falling out of the bottom of the cup. Than you will use your hand to reach into your bra cup all the way over to your armpit, where you will pull all of your breast tissue into your cup on both sides. Then use your two index fingers to smooth the top of the cups over your breasts and to make sure the center of the bra at the top of the triangle, that the wires are not sitting on your breast but are flat against your chest. Since you now understand that your breast tissue naturally migrates towards your armpit, then you can understand why a lot of bras are made with side boning in the wing. That is added to the bra to help assist your breast tissue to all go forward towards your bra cup, giving you a better, more supportive fit and better look. The swoop and scoop and boning in the wings of your bra will insure you look the best in your bra, bringing your breast tissue forward and eliminating side spillage and armpit bulges.

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