Get a Free Welcome Kit When You Book a Fitting Appointment

Make an appointment for a bra fitting today and enjoy a free welcome kit! You can use our online booking system by clicking here or call (609) 849-9118 to pay by phone.

Can you imagine shopping for a bra in a relaxed boudoir

with a beverage in hand while your personal lingerie assistant brings you multiple choices of beautiful bras in sizes that actually fit your body?

She then gives you advice on how to get the best results without making you feel awkward or uncomfortable about who you are. Sounds like a movie right? We guarantee this is real life.

The staff of The Bra Boudoir takes their time with each client to be sure she gets the most results out of her time and money.

I recently had the pleasure of fitting a woman who brought her husband to her fitting for support. They had an important event and she needed a bra fitting and shape wear for under a gown.

During the consultation part of our fitting her husband couldn't believe more women's apparel stores didn't provide a service such as ours. He mentioned his recent experience at a men's suit store and said that was a given service there and at any men's suit store he went to and not a "special service". I told him that was exactly why we started the company in 2013.

I explained to them both that as a mother of 3, wife, consumer, and lover of fashion I felt compelled to jump into the bra and lingerie industry head first once I was trained how to fit. I had retail experience and I saw a huge opportunity immediately upon learning the techniques we use in the fitting room today.

We were taught by a bra manufacturing company and believe in the 3 step process they teach their people. We combine those steps with our global size chart conversion knowledge and over 3 years of experience fitting hundreds of women. Each woman is like a snowflake with completely different breasts, bodies, and styles. We know what you need, you know you want. Let's have a completely uplifting experience together without worry or judgement.

Bra Fitting & Consultation $25.

You will receive your welcome kit during your visit. Enjoy!

Click here to make an appointment for a bra fitting and receive your free welcome kit!

What to expect at a bra fitting at The Bra Boudoir.

Never had a bra fitting before? Does the sound of it make you anxious or uncomfortable? Have you read about or heard bad stories about women who have had a bad experience at the mall or favorite department store? We completely understand. It is called intimate apparel because it's intimate.

Every bra store and fitter does it their own way. Rest assured we have found our way to be more relaxing than the usual. When you first arrive you will be welcomed and introduced to your professional bra fitter/shopping assistant. She will escort you to our lounge and fitting area and offer you a beverage.

She will begin the consultation part of your fitting by asking you to fill out a client card with your basic info. She will ask you what you need and want from your visit. We will discuss any special concerns such a surgery or extreme weight loss or gain. We then take you into our closed door fitting room. We do not see or touch your breasts. We do stay in the fitting room with you for guidance, explanation, advice, and support.

We go over the 1-2-3's of how a bra fits and she will bring you multiple bras to try on in your new size in different styles until you find what you love and feel confident wearing. We then go over after care and storage. After your fitting you can browse the racks, shop for lingerie, grab shape wear to go with your bra, take selfies in our boudoir styled lounge, whatever you like. Get rung up and go home smiling!

Your free welcome kit will have our fitting guide so you remember everything we went over.

Click here to make an appointment for a bra fitting and receive your free welcome kit!

What's in the Welcome Kit?

Our welcome kit includes:

  • Beverage of your choice: water, champagne mimosa, glass of champagne, coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, orange juice, or soda.

  • Bra Boudoir measuring tape to keep an eye on any body changes.

  • Eucalan delicates wash sample for your new bra.

  • Eucalan wipe for your purse for stains on the go.

  • $10 Coupon to use for your first visit.

  • Printable Guide Bra Fitting 101

Click here to make an appointment for a bra fitting and receive your free welcome kit!

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